Nice to meet you.

Its me :)

František "Frank" Mastil is a Czech UX / UI designer, starting his career at the age of 16. His interest in IT and technology was discovered in childhood when he was playing games on SEGA MEGADRIVE. He tried to create his own games as well. He studied the Technical Lyceum with a Programming Degree at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Tábor.

In the third year he had the opportunity to help in a design company where he used the 3D graphics he had learned during creating games.

He initially programmed more on smaller projects. During the course he found User interfaces and graphics draw him more.

On his way, he had the opportunity to work with companies like Aiesec or was helping with marketing on the Google student project.

He is only at the beginning of his career and would like to get to San Francisco.

Updated - 30.4.2017