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Why am I so bad at writing blog posts? Is it from a perfection point of view or I just cannot write a post? 

In ordinary life, I don’t have problems with expressing my ideas. If I am in a warm atmosphere with coffee you could say I talk too much.

The difference in the blog is that I feel like I have to create something straightforward. Who wants to read long texts and fillers?

What I am working on?

I am in Finland studying Bussiness informatics for one semester as an exchange student. I like the place, it has a beautiful nature and feels a bit detached from the rushing world (more on my Instagram).

Lofoten, Norway

Their profounded studying system is rather good. Every week you focus on something else and it’s only to the topic. However, you get a significant amount of homework you wouldn’t expect from a university. It feels more like high school. 

Among other responsibilities, I have to work on a team project with my two friends back at alma mater in Czech Budweis. We are focusing on home automation and we have to show progress to teachers.

At the same time, I am switching to my main project – master thesis. I am designing interface for a new kind of database. I should be able to show a bunch of wireframes and some thinking behind the process soon.

Moreover, I have many small side projects which are not ready to be shown, yet.

As a result, it’s hard to find a good balance between all of those examples and for now, I am struggling to make a reasonable schedule.

Do you have any tips how you are organizing your time?

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