New year new projects

Hey there folks,

I am back!

I have not written for some time, so what have I been doing?

First personal update and at the end, you can find recent news and apps for designers I found worth mention.

Personal update

I am back in the Czech Republic, my Erasmus exchange in Finland has come to an end. I met incredible people there, probs to Ali, Balazs, Balint, Luis, Marga, Silvia, French/Vietnamese/Chinese guys and all others, who I didn’t mention.

It would be a really big list of great new friends. 👋

For all students up here, I can highly recommend trying the exchange by yourself. ❤️

(It gives you so much, ask me anytime for tips).

Back home, I had nearly 2 months of free time. Most of the time I was working on my Master thesis.

Now, I can show YOU work in progress!
*Drum rolls

drumming the simpsons GIF

UniCatDB (database for scientist)

Log in screen
database table view with row detail
Findings table sneak peak
iphone xs with design of cards
Findings cards (alpha)

I will write more about design decisions in later posts. The project is taking shape. There’s much work to be done, but you have to start somewhere, right?

The funny part, teachers now want me to code all the frontend stuff in React
It wasn’t agreed on at the beginning. I was writing some apps in Ionic Angular but React is all new for me.

Suddenly, hope come as a new member – pro React coder – should join us on the project and my new part of the work would be reassigned or split.
*Fingers crossed 🤞

Obec Chrbonín (municipality website rework)

This project came out of a sudden with the request for a redesign. It’s a website for a town in the Czech Republic.

In this project, I was more programmer and translator. The theme was bought and tailored to the requirements of stakeholders. In the end, I was translating the theme and management part to Czech and I am planning to release it soon on Github.

And of course…

Frank.Mastil v4

my website
My personal portfolio update

For some time I was thinking about redesigning my portfolio and actually working on it for at least a year and a half bit after bit with great time spans.

During the process, I changed the visual several times but in the end, stayed with the present one. It’s still in progress with features missing but it got to the point when I felt it was saying things better than previous portfolio.

The missing features have more visual character, such as animations of shapes using pure Javascript on the main page. The mouse click animation is just a gif but is prepared for the code.

I wanna write more case studies for projects which helped me grow and understand the world, people and business a bit more. The final point is to rewriting my CV so it’s up to date.

Few ideas

I am thinking about streaming the user interface design process or making helpful videos to follow designers. I am not sure about the form and language I want to make it in yet.

If you have some tips or questions you can comment on the post or dm me on Instagram frankiema4 or Twitter @FMastil.

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squares on the image

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